Saturday, August 24, 2013

Jacob's Firetruck Birthday Party

I still can't believe my baby boy turned 3 this year! It took us a while to decide on a theme this year, but we finally decided on a firetruck theme since Jacob loves them! 

Before we even started planning I decided I wanted to make the decorations for this party. So I got a Cricut Expression and purchased the Boys Will Be Boys and Create A Critter cartridges and the preparation began! 

First we made the invitations with the Boys Will Be Boys Cartridge. 

After several late nights the decorations were done and it was party time! 

The backing for the banner was made with the Create A Critter cartridge and the letters were made with the Boys Will Be Boys Cartridge. 

I purchased the tissue pom poms at Party City because I ran out of time. They can made for much cheaper. The backdrops are made from crepe paper streamers. I measured how long I needed the streamers to be and cut up two rolls of streamers at that link. I measured the length of the area and cut a ribbon at that link. I used the ribbon to hook the crepe paper onto. I looped the top of the crepe paper around the ribbon and taped it. Then the ribbon was pinned onto the top of the wall. It looked awesome and was very inexpensive. 

The favor boxes contained twizzlers, suckers, and wooden fire trucks which I found in the dollar deal bins at Target. The favor boxes are from the local dollar store, and were in packs of four for $1. The puppy was made with the Create A Critter Cartridge. 

I finally got to make a ribbon topiary. I put  it together and took it apart a couple times before I was happy with the way it looked. 

These little flames were adorable! They were made with the Create A Critter Cartridge. 

I made foam flames, which we planned to use in the yard for the kids to shoot with water squirters, but because of the chance of thunderstorms we just used them to decorate the front yard. They were made with foam, foam glue, and dowel rods. I created templates with the Create A Critter Cartridge and traced them onto the foam board. 

And of course the best part of the party was when the firetruck stopped by! 

Jacob had a great party and I don't think he will ever forget it! 

The invitations and party decorations will be available in my Etsy shop soon!  Check back for updates!

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